Formally known as Mitch Giannini; Mitchy learned the skills of web development and graphic design through long nights slaving over his keyboard. Knowing the cyclical spiral of student employment Mitch set his sights on a career path that would be best suited for his individual skills.

Past Employment:

-Marketing Intern

knowledge gained: Interacting with clients and co-workers located thousands of miles away from each other. Through this I learned the communication skills necessary to work with clients located anywhere in the world.


-Buyer at Retail store

knowledge gained: As a buyer at a retail store I learned the skills to research competing brands. Doing this for Mitchy Media, I concentrated on making my pricing fair and my output exceptional.


-Rental Technician

knowledge gained: In this position, I furthered my customer service abilities and learned how to identify the wants and needs of individual clients. This has expanded my communication skills when teaching the customer how the website functions and while discussing the services being provided.

Mitchy Media

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